Generic Zocor (Simvastatin, Zocor® equivalent)

Zocor (simvastatin) is used along with an overall diet plan in order to reduce high blood cholesterol levels. Zocor can significantly reduce the amount of LDL ("bad") cholesterol in the blood while simultaneously raising the levels of HDL-C ("good") cholesterol. Zocor may also be prescribed for other reasons. It has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in high-risk patients such as diabetics or heart patients, regardless of their blood cholesterol levels.

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Nutrition labeling reform was long overdue to eliminate misleading and false advertising by manufacturers who seemed to change their lines only when the majority of people in the United States became aware of a specific nutritional practice. Public knowledge of the hazards of dietary cholesterol and sodium prompted such changes. Unfortunately, manufacturers produce and advertise as low-cholesterol products, foods that actually contain saturated fat, which is known to elevate blood cholesterol levels. That practice and numerous other attempts at deception should be eliminated by the new labeling regulations. False claims, such as "95 percent fat free" and "2 percent fat," which referred to the weight of the fat content and not the percent of total calories from fat, will also be eliminated.
Reform is of little value, however, unless people develop the habit of reading food labels before making selections. The dietary guidelines discussed here will help focus on the key aspects for making quick decisions about products. For many products, it is only necessary to look for a reasonable portion size; the number of calories; and zero grams of fat, cholesterol, salt, sodium, and sugar. Since it is difficult to avoid these health-related ingredients, which also occur naturally in some foods, it is wise to purchase processed foods (any food item that is packaged) with these ingredients absent or in very low quantities.

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