Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin, Accutane® equivalent)

Isotretinoin is a form of vitamin A. It decreases the amount of sebum (oil) that is released by the sebaceous (oil) glands, and it increases that rate at which the skin renews itself. Isotretinoin is used to treat severe nodular acne that has not responded to other treatments, including antibiotics.

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Vitamins are essential in helping chemical reactions take place in the body and are required in very small amounts. Water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins) need to be consumed in the proper amounts over a five- to eight-day period since they are easily dissolved in water, not stored for long periods of time, and eliminated in the urine (see Table 10.4 and Table 10.5). Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K) are stored in large amounts in fatty tissues and the liver and are absorbed through the intestinal tract as needed.
Regardless of the claims, vitamin C does not cure or prevent the common cold. Large supplements of other vitamins and minerals are being examined for their disease-fighting potential and their ability to assist in medical treatment. It is important to realize three important things about taking supplements:
(1) The best way to obtain adequate vitamins and minerals is from food, not from supplements. Food has the added benefit of containing fiber and water.
(2) The vast majority of people in the United States get all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diets and do not need supplements. (3) Vitamin and mineral toxicity problems are found predominantly in those who take supplements.

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