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Looking through pages of online pharmacies you may turn attention to this word very often, which stay before the names of many medications. What does it mean for you, a consumer of medicines? Let us try to puzzle out this question. Normally pharmaceuticals companies-developers will spend dozens of years and millions of dollars to invent and study a new medicine. Generic drugs are but precise chemical copy of a successfully tasted, as it was a rule during 10-30 years, preparation, the authorship for production of which has run out. Generic Drugs does not carry the cost of invention of the substance, that is why it is significantly cheaper than the brand. Moreover, several pharmaceuticals companies are engaged in the production of generics at the same time, the competition between them also have a positive effect to the generic price. Pharmaceuticals industry is one of the most controlled sectors in the entire world, both by public bodies and international organizations. Any medication regardless whether it is an original or but its full replica, is subjected to full quality control. Moreover, before being introduced to the market generic is tested for a full compliance to the original medication. Do all the medications, existing at the market for a long time, have generics? No, not all. To be copied only the medicines that approved themselves. Only the efficient and safe preparations with time tested action will have generics. Draw conclusions!

We, at gendrug.info strive to provide authentic and genuine informations about Generic Drugs in common, and specific medications that are most popular among the many people suffering from different health related ailments. We are expertised in providing Generic Drugs and the in depth information about the mentioned, for over 30 years and are a pioneer when it comes to the healthcare industry, consisting of board approved panel of healthcare advisors and professionals. Gendrug.info serves an information hub for almost all the former variations of the medications and are deemed as a source of high trust and reliability in terms of the product, pricing, interactions and other vital information one might need to know before actually getting the hands on the drug. However, it is strongly recommended by us to have a consultation with the doctor, either offline or online, before deciding to consume any drug since the adverse effects might not just stop with other side effects but also expand towards reversing the actual health condition for what you have initially chosen to treat for.

Why prefer Generic Drugs over Branded Drugs?

There are lots of reasons reinforcing to the population preferring Generic Drugs over their Branded counterparts, few of the most common reasons being the cheap price, competitive efficiency and authorized sale.

Generic Drugs are more affordable than Branded Medications

Since branded medications use the same formulation used by the Generic Drugs in terms of chemical composition and other vital ingredients. Even after addition of these chemicals, the branded counterparts yield out few other ingredients to provide uniqueness. The cost of adding new ingredients and the money spent for research, is reflected in pricing of the branded medications and thus is costlier than Generic Drugs. On the other hand, the generic drugs have basic chemical composition and are apparently cheaper to replicate due to the trusted and proven research details infested in manufacturing them. Generic Drugs are also trusted widely amongst the population due to the fact that the reliability in consuming this is marginally higher than their counterparts.

Enjoy the same therapeutic effect from Generic Drugs

Never be afraid of the effect that one may experience from consuming the generic drugs. They are simply formulated to provide the same health benefit or sometimes, better benefit than the brand counterpart. This may be due to the fact that generic formulations concentrate more only on the health beneficiary ratio and does not give much importance to the appearance, taste and other physical not so important properties. This simply means that the generic drugs provide the same therapeutic effect since they are exclusively manufactured to only improvise the health condition and not to attract the consumers by providing fancy pills with high end details.

Generic Drugs are more reliable

As with the above mentioned reasons, an individual can easily draw to conclusion that generic drugs use the already winning formulation and which have been approved by different levels of pharmaceutical boards. With these stated, it is more than just obvious to know that Generic Drugs are preferred over the Brand counterparts for safety, reliability and as a high source of trust.

To sum it up, it is concluded tthat the generic drugs are biologically and chemically equal to the counterparts of branded medications in safety, strength, quality, dosage strength, treating properties and route of administration. This is regulated and recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The intended usage also remains the same between the former and latter. Eventually, brand and generic drugs are intertwined together by holding the same formulations for treating the root cause of any health related condition.The popularity of generic medications seem to be rising high in various sectors and are irrevocably recommended over their counterparts for fast, safe and efficient treatment of health problems.

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